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Vision. . ."As above so below"
The vision of Somatheta Ashrama's...House of Transformation is to witness all of us live our paradise on earth.
Somatheta Ashrama's mission is to invoke and re-instate the Divine-Self in each one by balancing the Divine feminine (yin) and Divine masculine (yang) and bridge the gap between the Transcendental and the physical realm by awakening the Soma Chakras, thereby activating DNA Acceleration and also facilitating Karmic Healing.

During a Somatheta Healing session, the practitioner will identify which key beliefs are holding your physical or emotional issue in place. This will be done intuitively and also through a process called "digging". Digging is a technique used to work down through the layers of beliefs to uncover the bottom or key belief. When a bottom belief is transformed, the beliefs stacked above it will automatically change - like a house of cards instantly freeing you from limiting patterns without the need to relive past traumas.

The practitioner will determine whether you hold certain beliefs through muscle testing. This will also validate that a belief has shifted. The duration of a Somatheta session is usually between 30 and 90 minutes, and the number of sessions required depends on the issue you would like to work on. Most issues can be addressed in one or two sessions, but some may take longer. 

You do not need to do anything in preparation for the session, other than being ready to let go of the things that are not serving you to create the life you would choose. It is helpful to drink plenty of water before the session to make sure you are well hydrated, as this will assist with muscle testing. All changes are performed only with the informed consent of the client - Somatheta Healing® works only with this informed consent. The affirmation of 'Yes' signifies your conscious readiness to accept a new reality.

Your practitioner will create a safe and supportive space in which you can explore any area of your life where you would like to see changes take place. In addition to improving your health and well-being, you can work on anything from finding your most compatible soul mate, to unlocking your creativity, or growing your business. The possibilities are endless!
What Happens During a Somatheta Healing Session?
Somatheta Therapy (Phone sessions Available)