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Everything about Somatheta Life Coaching you which to know?
You already know how Coaching works. . . 

Just as athletes have natural qualities and abilities that contribute to their overall performance, YOU have natural qualities and abilities that add to YOUR overall success and fulfillment.

Just as an Athletic Coach assists athletes in fully developing their abilities to maximum performance...

A Life Coach is a professional relationship designed to enhance an individual's ability to focus, make effective changes, achieve desired goals and maximize success and fulfillment in life.

Life Coaching and Athletic Coaching are similar in many ways

  • Support clients/athletes by providing a structure that creates consistency - i.e. weekly coaching calls/workout schedule. 

  • Fully embrace and develop client's/athlete's strengths, and improve the areas that need attention. 

  • Empower clients/athletes to go beyond what they think they are capable of. 

  • Ensures clients/athletes has a solid foundation of "the basics". Whether in sports or in life, it all starts with a solid foundation. 

  • Works with clients/athletes over TIME. Success doesn't happen in a single workout or a single coaching session. 

  • Don't actually DO the work for clients/athletes, but the presence of a coach provides strength, encouragement, empowerment and additional insight - giving the client/athlete an edge they wouldn't have on their own. 

  • Assists clients/athletes in achieving their goals and dreams (Clients: more money, deeper relationships, productivity, fulfillment, balance, gratifying results - Athletes: The Olympics or The Super Bowl). Where would Olympic athletes be without their coaches? Would they have made it to the Olympics? Would they have maximized their performance? 

The Biggest Differences are. . . 

YOU design the goals that are important to you (the end goal isn't necessarily the   Super Bowl or the Olympics) . What are your personal Olympics? What would be your Super Bowl? 

  • In Life Coaching we'll focus on ALL of you, not just one area of your life. 

  • Step Into the Experience of Coaching

  • Imagine a relationship with someone... 

  • Where YOU are the center of focus 

  • Who is totally curious about your dreams and aspirations.  

  • Who listens to you without judgment and accepts you without analyzing you.  

  • Who will help you clarify your goals, values and purpose - providing the programs and tools to get you into action and focused on the results you desire.  

  • Where you are inspired to go beyond the ordinary, raise your standards and live the life you know you're truly capable of living.  

  • Who is sometimes more committed to what you want in your life than you are.  

  • Who knows your values, passions and life purpose and holds you true to them.  

  • Who celebrates your victories and helps you learn from your setbacks.  

  • Who is listening, not only to your words, but also to what's behind the words, the nuances of your voice, your emotion, your energy - everything you communicate  

  • Who will unequivocally tell you the truth - the about where you are strong, about how you show up, and where you are selling yourself short.  

  • Imagine you get to talk to this person every week, regularly and consistently - to consolidate, to integrate and to push on. 

Why Coaching?

Think about all the keys to living a successful, fulfilling and enriching life? Were there subjects in high school or college that guided you to build a solid personal foundation in life? Were there subjects designed to give you that additional edge in business? Not at any of the schools I attended. It's sad, but true. While reading, writing, and arithmetic are essential ingredients in life - they aren't ALL we need to create the life of our dreams. Look at the following list. Most of which were not emphasized in school, if at all. Circle the "subjects" you wish you had a stronger knowledge of, or wish were more developed in your life. (You may want to print this out FIRST, it's hard to write on 
computer screens).

Wouldn't it be great if these "classes" were available to us all? And what if each program was custom designed just for YOU? While there are books, workshops and programs available on many of these subjects, it takes time and energy to find it, "take it in" and INTEGRATE it into your life in a way that works for YOU. These options are time intensive approaches that may or may not "net" the desired result. I AM a huge believer in both books and seminars (keep on reading & attending), in fact, the Resource Center is also tremendously valuable. 

Coaching is another way to design your own custom "personal life program" or "business success program" and integrate it into reality. Having a coach keeps you focused. Having a coach gives you that objectivity and support you'll need along the way. Having a coach can expedite the process and make that process more enjoyable.

Investing in YOU
One of the greatest investments we can make in life is in ourselves. And, we're often too busy or distracted to focus on US. It is from ourselves that everything else in life stems from. You wouldn't build a house without a solid foundation, why settle for building a life without a solid foundation. To simplify it down to the most essential THREE steps. 

     1. We must first get clear of who we are.
     2. We must know what we want.
     3. Then we must empower ourselves to make it real.
     4. A  Life Coach can be a catalyst in supporting you in this important process.

The One Minute History of Coaching
Mentoring is the model for coaching, however the term mentor may appear formal for this situation. I prefer the term coach as one who collaborates. . ."Coaching, is a teaching, training or development process via which an individual is supported while achieving a specific personal or professional result or goal."

Many of us still want or expect some work or religious organization - Career - Life Plan to lead toward definite security, happiness and financial property, instead of learning how to fulfill ourselves within the change process that now prevails,we tend to view our prospects as declining as unfilled promises the generations before us lodged deeply in our minds.

Story of "Mentor"

The story of Mentor comes from Homer's Odyssey. Odysseus, king of Ithaca, fights in the Trojan War and entrusts the care of his household to Mentor, who serves as teacher and overseer of Odysseus' son, Telemachus.

After the war, Odysseus is condemned to wander vainly for ten years in his attempt to return home. In time, Telemachus, now grown, ventures in search of his father. Athena, Goddess of War and patroness of the arts and industry, assumes the form of Mentor and accompanies Telemachus on his quest. Father and son reunite and cast down would-be usurpers of Odysseus' throne and Telemachus' birthright.

The word Mentor evolved to mean trusted advisor, friend, teacher and wise person. History offers many examples of helpful mentoring relationships: Socrates and Plato, Hayden and Beethoven, Freud and Jung. Mentoring is a fundamental form of human development where one person invests time, energy and personal know-how in assisting the growth and ability of another person.

History and legend record the deeds of princes and kings, but each of us has a birthright to actualize our potential. Through their deeds and work,coach/ mentors help us to move toward that actualization.

In the 1970s and 80s more flexibility was needed if organizations were to thrive, as the hierarchical control of employees began to give way to trust and collaboration with workers, widespread training was needed to help every worker think and behave as a leader. The emphasis was on business performance - total quality management. Then came seminars and teamwork on empowerment, which made the focus more personal, more about the individual, but training was still focused on immediate corporate success- the bottom-line. Due to the transient nature of  bringing in consultants to work with key corporate figures, it became apparent that if organizations were to make lasting changes, then the individuals working within them must change first. 

Steven Covey, the author of "Seven Habits of Highly Successful People" is one of the noted forefathers of this movement towards coaching.  This drive for more and more profit imported the Japanese system of creating Zen-like working environments in corporate America. While at the same time more and more consultants were being brought in to work over an extended periods with both the individuals an the systems. In the 80s corporate coaching appeared on the scene with emphasis on visionary leadership training, renewal coaching, executive coaching and transition management. The trend was accelerated during the whole corporate frenzy to acquire more profits by downsizing, mergers, acquisition and outsourcing. This created a need to somehow humanized this process, thus, the field of professional coaching was born. 

Coaching promotes resilience and  measurable performance in individuals and organizations. A major emphasis was to help individuals and corporate entities formulate scenarios for the future, given the complexity and speed of change in today's world. We all know that change has become the most dependable reality in our lives and that people throughout the world live with uncertainty, tentativeness and worry. Most have no long-term expectation and plans. As our perception of the world shifted from stable and steady-state model, to one of unstable and change-driven model, many of us failed to change accordingly. We continued to live as if the steady-state model is still functional.

The Coaching Profession is relatively young in comparison to other industries, yet over the last ten years, it has grown tremendously. Not only in the number of coaches coaching, and the number of individuals "being coached", but in terms of formalizing industry standards and training - ensuring the highest caliber of coaches to service YOU.

Coaching vs. Consulting vs. Therapy
There is often confusion between Coaching, Consulting and Therapy -- and it's important to understand the distinctions between these three unique industries.

Coaching vs. Therapy
Coaching works best for people who have already resolved past issues and are ready for the next level in their career or life. Therapy focuses on processing "PAST issues" and is less action oriented. Coaching is about living in the "present" and taking action to create magical futures. A coach will hold you accountable. On occasion, I utilize the skill of "process coaching" to allow a client to work through a place of "stuckness" or emotional overwhelm. However, the emphasis is on forwarding the action and deepening the client's learning. And, while attentive listening are central to both, coaching and therapy are quite different.

Coaching vs. Consulting
Coaching is client directed. Consulting is consultant directed. My agenda in coaching is to support your agenda, not a specific cookie-cutter program. In coaching you design the Primary Focus of the relationship. I believe that my clients are whole, resourceful and creative. Through powerful questions, our designed alliance and YOU, we'll tap your internal wisdom. I will sometimes advise a client, and make programs available to my clients, but the focus is on challenging you to discover the answers you seek, embrase your innate wisdom and to empower you to choose and create what you most desire.

Is Coaching for YOU?

  • Are you living a life of your design based on your unique values and dreams or are you trapped in making a living?

  • Is there a gap between where you are now, and where you want to be? 

  • Do you want to create more inspiration, passion and live the most fulfilling life imaginable? 

  • Are you ready to take your life to the next level? 

  • Do you want to live an authentic life, a life that honors your values and most treasured priorities? 

  • Do you have extremely high standards for yourself and for those around you? Would you like to raise your own standards? 

  • Do you want to make a major impact in the world? 

  • Are you committed to being successful and doing whatever it takes to get there?

  • Are you open to new insights, breakthroughs and transformations? 

  • Do you Love to Learn and Grow? 

  • Do you work hard and play hard and are ready not to work so hard, so you can play more? 

  • Do you grow weary with all the stuff you have to do? 

  • Is something missing in your life and you're not sure what it is? 

  • Are your life purposes and goals unclear? 

  • Do you feel stuck or have difficulty making choices, balancing expectations, prioritizing and moving forward with things that you know are important to you? 

If you answered YES to any of the above, Coaching may be for you.Click HERE to schedule an Introductory 30 Minute Session to see if we may be a match for each other.

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What is Life Coaching?
• Maximizing Productivity  
• Living in Fulfillment  
• Balancing Life  
• Profitability for Small Businesses  
• Supreme Communication  
• Living with Healthy Boundaries  
• Being Present to the Moment  
• Embracing Emotions  
• Advanced Stress Management  
• Maximizing FUN  
• Tapping Creativity  
• Nurturing Relationships  
• Love 101  

• Problem Solving Skills 
• Personal Growth  
• Creating Intimacy  
• Attracting Abundance  
• Life Purpose Development  
• Mastery Management  
• Identifying & Living Your Values  
• Living your Values in Work  
• Maximizing Personal Integrity  
• Getting Healthy & Fit  
• Empowering Others  
• Getting Organized & Focused  
• Designing Your Personal Environment • Enjoying the Journey of Life
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